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Reliable broadcasting in IP and DVB networks

IP/DVB multiplexer MediaSputnik 1102 series provides encapsulation of IP packets into DVB flow with multiplexing of external transport stream and de-encapsulation of MPEG-2 transport stream from IP packets.

Preprocessor of data broadcast server MediSputnik 1511 series implements preparing data for broadcasting.

QoS server MediaSputnik 1302 series provides management and control of bandwidth and transmit protocols for each channel according to IP addresses of authorized subscribers.

Broadcast data server MediaSputnik 1501 series provides virtual channels, assigns tasks and transmit options for every broadcast channel, including group IP addresses, ports and content. Channel capacity reallocates dynamically on both other virtual broadcasting channels and tasks, provided for each group of licensed subscribers.

Encapsulator provides direct output through ASI interface for transport stream in case of MPEG-2 broadcasting over IP networks.

Satellite receivers MediaSputnik 1032 series captures data using group IP addresses, IP ports and license keys.

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