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Satellite data receivers MediaSputnik 1022/1032 series
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The satellite data receiver MediaSputnik 1022/1032 series is high-efficiency professional DVB/IP device which is intended for reliable receiving, demodulations and decapsulation IP/MPEG2 transport stream, filtering IP packets and transmitting IP data.

The integrated data receiver receive/transmit IP data from/to return interaction channels and virtual tunnels. The output to return channels is realized through the satellite and terrestrial networks equipment.

Flexible routing of input DVB stream to IP and back to asynchronous or synchronous channels; reliable multi-address transmission support in Multicast mode for files and video streams.

Receivers provide full complex solution for the satellite data networks operators with remote management elements, monitoring and QoS assurance.

  »  Application
  • Multiservice platforms in DVB-S/S2/T/C networks
  • Multimedia services for IP and DVB networks operators
  • High-speed Internet
  • Allocated networks for Multicast traffic transmission
  • "Content on demand" and "Video on demand" systems for SOHO
  • Tele-education
  • E-commerce systems
  • Game and auction platforms

  »  Technical specification

The satellite data receivers MediaSputnik 1022/1032 series receive IP the data in basically through the satellite and territorial DVB broadcast channels, organize return channels over accessible communication, including the synchronous and asynchronous channels. At connection of receivers to local area networks, IP packets are route to data transfer local network.

Receivers provide reliable and qualitative receiving all types of DVB/IP data with the return channels organization in simplex and duplex modes.

  »  Main functions
  • QPSK Demodulation (optional 8PSK, 16 QAM)
  • Data receiving rate on DVB up to 110 Mbit\s
  • Data receiving rate over synchronous channel up to 2 Mbit\s
  • Data transfer rate over synchronous channel up to 2 Mbit\s
  • Quantity of the receive/transfer synchronous interfaces from 2 to 16
  • ICMP, UDP, TCP and other protocols support
  • IP Multicast (RFC 1112)mode support
  • MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 video receiving/transfer in IP multicast mode
  • MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 video receiving/transfer from/to transport stream
  • Web/SSH interface for management and control
  • ОS Linux
  »  Interfaces

IP data100Base-TX (optional 1000Base-TX)
Data inputL band (DVB-S/S2)
Management & Control100Base-TX with Web GUI, RS 232 (D-9)
Power supply230V/200W

  »  Operating Specifications

Server Height for 19" rack 1U
Operating temperature 10 – 50С


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