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IP/DVB encapsulator / multiplexer MediaSputnik 1102 series
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Low cost and reliable IP DVB encapsulator / multiplexer provides intellectual and high performance IP packets and Ethernet frames encapsulation in MPEG 2 TS and DVB streams. IP/DVB Encapsulator has different extensions for professional solutions and simply integrates in any network.

Real-time encapsulation and MUX TS through Linux kernel.

Full compliance with MultiProtocol Encapsulation (ETSI EN 301 192), Unidirectional Lightweight Encapsulation ( RFC 4623 / ESA) and TIA-1073.

External MPEG 2 TS multiplexing saves PCR jitter and STD (System Targer Decoder) model (ISO 13818).

Section packing dereases overhead for set of small TCP and VOIP packets.

Supports DVB-S2 standards for CCM mode and ACM / VCM mode in future.

Any bitrate and any DVB Multi Streams Tx / Rx with extensions through hardware and software modules.

MPEG 2 and DVB Table Insertion, including DVB-RCS Table Insertion, NCR Insertion for DVB-RCS networks.

Support “Burst” and “No-Burst” modes.

Optional decapsulation MPEG 2 TS / IP streams for DVB Gateways.

  »  Applications
  • Any networks with IP and DVB support
  • Reliable Multicast and Content Delivery Networks
  • One or Two way satellite, terrestrial and cable networks
  • DSNG and DVB overlay
  • IPTV networks
  • Digital cinema
  • Educational networks
  »  Advantages and Features

IP/DVB encapsulator MediaSputnik 1102 designed and made from industrial and reliable components. Encapsulator uses “kernel processing” and provide high performance and shared resources for additional capabilities.

  »  Standarts

  • ISO 13818
  • TIA 1073
  • ETSI EN 301 192, EN 302 307, EN 301 790, EN 314 421

  »  Features

Supported encapsulation types MPE according to EN 301192, ULE ESA RFC 4326 and TIA-1073
IP packets processing means MAC address level
Types of encapsulated IP packets TCP, UDP, ICMP
IP routing static, IPv4 and IPv6
Multiple-address support in IP Multicast mode , RFC 1112
МАС address table no less than 65000
PID numbers quantity no less than 8191
PID Filtering unlimited
Performance rate 0,016 - 100 Mbps, to 213 Mbps (optional)
Section packing 40-120 ms delay, 1 ms variable
PSI/SI Table Insertion NIT, SDT, BAT, PAT, PMT, TDT, etc.
Setting PID and IP adresses auto and special modes
Setting QOS poptions setting bitrate for each IP adress
DVB-RCS support EN 301 790, TR 101 790
Agile PCR jitter from ASI-in to ASI-out, without restamping
VLAN support 802.1Q
Ethernet Bridging support MPE LLC-SNAP, ULE
IGMP support v.2, v.3
Redundancy support 1:N with MediaSputnik 1601 series
PCR Management NCR Insertion, Jitter management
Monitoring & Control WEB, SNMP (MIB private)

  »  Options

  • Up to 5 ASI Rx
  • ASI Tx up to 30 Mbps
  • ASI Tx up to 90 Mbps
  • Multiplexing MPEG 2 TS Rx and Tx
  • ULE (Unidirectional Lightweight Encapsulation )
  • MPE/LLC-SNAP encapsulation
  • VLAN (802.1q)
  • DVB-RCS Table Insertion
  • NCR/PCR inserter (DVB-RCS)
  • Analyzer of PSI/SI service tables(for one MPEG 2 TS or MPEG2 TS/IP)
  • MPEG 2 TS/IP decapsulation directly into DVB networks
  • IP output (IP/MPEG2 TS/IP encapsulation)
  • Redundancy

  »  Interfaces

Data input 100Base-TX, 1000Base-TX (optional)
MPEG 2 TS input ASI input
MPEG2 TS/DVB output ASI output
Monitoring & Control 100Base-TX with Web GUI, RS 232 (D-9)
Power supply 230V/110V/150W

  »  Operating Specifications

Dimensions 1U, 19" rack
Operating temperature 10 – 50 С

Basic and optional configuration

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