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Broadcast data servers MediaSputnik 1501 series
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High performance server for unidirectional and reliable data broadcasting in scalable satellite, territorial and cable networks without limit on quantity of licensed subscribers and the free software for them.

Full compatibility with the Multiservice platforms MediaSputnik 1000 series. Application controlled FEC and Read - Solomon reliable code in IP Multicast mode. Complete compatibility with all types of MediaSputnik Reciever and DVB receivers in correspondence RFC 1112 (IP multicast).

Controlled FEC@MSp usage at the packages level (0-66 %) with Read - Solomon code up to 100 Mbps provides reliable data transfer of any format, audio and video streams on IP and DVB networks.

Flexible license policy, there is limit only on license server productivity (SLO). Unlimited scalability of virtual channels and subscribers. Convenient tools for remote handle and data structuring for operators, content - providers and subscribers.

The original protocol of access restriction to the transmitted information according to subscriber's licenses - UCDP (UniDirectional Content Delivery Protocol), allows flexibly shaping the groups of commercial subscribers.

Qualitative broadcasting MPEG-2 TS (PS) over IP networks with the transparent package encapsulation and subsequent MPEG-2 stream decapsulation into DVB network through the MediaSputnik 1102 series.

  »  Application
  • Multiservice platforms on IP, DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-C and ECDN networks
  • Multimedia services for IP operators, IP/DVB and GPRS/UMTS/3G networks
  • Systems of departmental and corporate management
  • "Content on demand" and "Video on demand" systems
  • Tele-education
  • E-commerce systems
  • Game and auction platforms
  • Distributed databases synchronization
  • Digital cinema

  »  Technical specification

The broadcast data server MediaSputnik 1501 series provides management of broadcast channels, management and the control channel bandwidth, authorization of receivers when the data broadcasting with (or without) return channels is organized.

In the UDP/IP protocol mode the server organizes through the broadband networks the one-sided transparent gateway for data broadcasting (transmission) over virtual channels, which were generated by server. Server assigns the parameters to each broadcast channel, in order to its bandwidth, including multicast IP address, ports and jobs. The channel capacity is reallocated statically or dynamic to virtual channels, which are generated by the data broadcast server for each of the licensed subscribers group. The provider, through control tools plans data broadcasting, storage and data distribution to virtual broadcasting channels. The authorized subscribers capture the data in compliance with the multicast IP address, IP ports and license keys.

  »  Main functions
  • Data transfer using UDP protocols
  • ICMP, UCDP protocols support
  • IP Multicast support according to RFC 1112
  • Built-in Postgre SQL DBMS
  • Remote management using Web interface, SSH
  • Performance data transfers from 16 Kb/s to 100 Mbps (optional up to 1000 Mbps)
  • Assignment of data broadcast options for the each virtual channel
  • Data lost protection on networks of a preliminary error correction method at the package level
  • Unlimited quantity of data transfer channels of the server and unlimited quantity data reception channels of the MediaSputnik Receiver
  • Simple and reliable algorithm of licensed server's productivity
  • Full compatibility with encapsulator MediaSputnik 1102 series (compatibility with other types of encapsulators corresponding RFC 1112)
  • Start and transmission encapsulated MPEG 2 transport streams through IP networks (optional with encapsulator MediaSputnik 1102 series for transmission directly into DVB stream)
  • MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 video transmission in IP multicast mode
  »  Interfaces

Data output100Base-TX, 1000Base-TX (optional)
Monitoring & Control100Base-TX with Web GUI, RS 232 (D-9)
HD SCSI capacity40 Gb (optional up to 160 Gb)
HD backup (RAID)optional
Power supply230V/110V/150W

  »  Operating Specifications

Server Height for 19" rack 1U
Operating temperature 10 – 50С


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